Version 0.26.3 (2003-11-22)

This is an interim release, intended to fix the following:

Version 0.26 (2002-05-18)

Version 0.26pre2 (2002-04-30)

Version 0.26pre1 (2002-04-27)

A big haulover of the program...

Note: Documentation is not up to date!

Version 0.25 (2001-06-20)

Version 0.24 (2001-05-29)

Version 0.23 (2000-11-25)

Version 0.22 (2000-11-11)

Nothing fancy; there were some conflicts with the webcam driver and the bttv driver, which are resolved in both that driver and this program.

Version 0.21 (2000-09-25)

One step back, two steps forward. The video codec is momentarely halted; in stead, there's a primitive FTP upload available. Also some doodads and whistles are added, like text in the images.

Version 0.20 (2000-08-06)

First step toward video conferencing

Version 0.19 (2000-06-02) [NOT ONLINE]

Slight overturn of the code :)

Version 0.18 (2000-04-23) [NOT ONLINE]

Version 0.16a (13-01-2000) [NOT ONLINE]

Note! This version uses QSocketNotifier to trigger an event when a new frame from the cam is ready. This means that the webcam driver must implement the select() call. The Philips USB webcam driver version 3.2 and up have this call. The CPiA cam should follow Real Soon.

Version 0.16 (20-02-2000) [NOT ONLINE]

Pfew. To much to mention... Some of the things I remember:

Version 0.14a [NOT ONLINE]

Version 0.12 [NOT ONLINE]

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