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The snapshots are only updated when there have been some changes since the previous upload. So if the date of the snapshot is a couple of days or even weeks old, that's normal. Even so, remarks & patches are welcome!

Version File Size MD5
snapshot 091020 camstream-snapshot-091020.tar.gz
8962993 fa5e0f103f02a81361f38d4a2185a79c
  Diff against previous snapshot    
0.27 (full) camstream-0.27.tar.gz 3953280 28d93ad8820139de7de59e8e95a9f6a6
0.26.3 (full) camstream-0.26.3.tar.gz 1585624 c01a6161196ab6a6e4334476ae568a31

External builds

Sometimes people provide pre-built binaries for installation on Linux distributions; here's a list of such packages.

Note: since I don't build these packages, do NOT send me mail about them! Contact the builder, please.

SuSe 10.*

A build of CVS snapshots by Martin Raoul.