TODO / Roadmap

This is list of features that I want to build into CamStream and a 'roadmap' when to achieve this. Nothing is set in stone, of course, and if need arises, things will change.

CamStream 0.27

CamStream 0.30

CamStream 0.31

Features wanted, but not assigned to a particular version.

Other suggestions that I liked

"Support for multiple FTP-Presets per Camera (so what I can use the same camera for the public with one upload setting and for my girlfriend with other settings e.g. different file and path names)."

"Make all settings saveable because e.g. the "auto" option in the philips section is very usefull to me but I have to set it manually everytime I start camstream."

"A option to manually add some text to the caption? Sort of like the timestamp but manually by a little field in the settings, or whatever?"

"UI wise, could you make another button that hides the video window? It would be useful sometimes to hide the video window, and show only the last snapshot video."